To participate in ECC-VECO’s tenders, suppliers and subcontractors must pass the prequalification stage.

Prior to concluding a subcontract/supply agreement, prequalification of potential suppliers/subcontractors must be conducted to determine their ability to execute required work/provide services/supply goods in compliance with ECC-VECO’s requirements and standards.

Prequalification is carried out by validating supplier/subcontractor title documentation, financial documents, licensees, permits, evidence of availability of resources and HSE documents.

When is document validation is required?

Prequalification is conducted when new potential suppliers and subcontractors are identified and is initiated by ECC-VECO employee responsible for execution of work, provision of services or goods purchase. For potential subcontractors/suppliers participating in a tender, but not yet prequalified, prequalification and participation in a tender can occur at the same time.

It must be noted, however, that supplier/subcontractors may choose to submit prequalification documents at any time.

Validation of documents provided by potential suppliers/subcontractors aims to mitigate or eliminate risks and prevent selection of unconscientious suppliers/subcontractors.

Prequalification is carried out by mailing potential suppliers / subcontractors a subcontractor/supplier questionnaire and a request to provide a list of documents.

Supplier/subcontractor questionnairePrequalification document list - LLCPrequalification document list - IE

How to submit prequalification documents.

All documents provided must be certified by authorized individual's signature and company stamp. Scans must be emailed to to the attention of tender support specialist. The documents can be submitted either as hard or soft copies. In case of soft copies, certification by signature and stamp is not required.

All files must be numbered in accordance with the list attached above. The subject of emails must be as follows: «Contractor’s name – Prequalification 2021».

E.g., ECC-VECO, LLC – Prequalification 2021.

If the total size of all files exceeds 10 MB, the files must be sent out via numerous emails. In this case, the subject must also include the individual numbers of each of these emails among the total number of emails.

E.g., ECC-VECO, LLC – Prequalification 2021, message 1 out of 3.