Road maintenance, snow removal and miscellaneous repair services. Equipment provision, maintenance and repair. Personnel provision. Pipeline repair. 2017-2022.

Maintenance of heavy, light and non-mobile equipment. Equipment, personnel and materials provision. 2011-2017.

Maintenance and set-up, repair and preventative maintenance of mobile equipment. 2006-2011.

LMP, BP, CRI Construction. 2016-2017.

Installation, construction, fabrication, testing, setup, turnover and commissioning of infrastructure, well site facilities, process and non-process first stage production facilities, early field works (roads, bridges etc.). 2009-2011.

Construction of 70 km oil and gas pipeline, including 11 km crossing section in Piltun bay. Provision and maintenance of equipment for all construction works. 2008-2009.

Various construction services. 2004-2007.